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The project "As A Nomad" is a network of luxury yurt camps (yurt—glamping) located in the most visited tourist places of Kyrgyzstan and countries that preserve the heritage of the Great Silk Road, working under a single brand, single management and with a single standard of service.

"As A Nomad" is an authentic type of accommodation that gives you the opportunity to visit the most interesting and remote corners of the Eurasian continent.

"As A Nomad" promotes nomadic culture and traditions that are of great interest to people from all over the world. So, arriving at one of the camps, guests get a unique chance to feel like real nomads, but with the maximum possible comfort.

Project goals:

  • Acquaintance of tourists with nomadic culture
  • Providing tourists with the opportunity to stay in nature with maximum comfort
  • Minimizing the lack of infrastructure in remote regions
  • Creation of additional jobs in remote regions
  • Support for socially vulnerable segments of the population
  • Raising the level of education of the population
  • Preservation of the traditions of the nomadic people
  • Expanding the geography of tours and creating more attractive tourist routes