Ethno-complex «As A Nomad Naryn»

Kyrgyzstan, Naryn region, Naryn

Ethno-complex «As A Nomad Naryn»

Located in a picturesque location near the city of Naryn, the yurt Ethno-Complex "As A Nomad Naryn" is similar to an oasis where caravans following the roads of the Great Silk Road stopped. Glamping is still located on one of the ancient routes of this famous transport network.Here you can feel like a real nomad, without giving up the usual comfort.

The complex consists of 18 real felt yurts with a separate shower and toilet, a yurt- dining room. On the territory of the complex there is free parking, a bonfire area, a folklore area, a barbecue area, a huge playground for ethno games against the backdrop of the picturesque Tien Shan Mountains.

For those who need to stay in touch, there is a mobile connection from local mobile operators in the camp.

Meals are served in the yurt dining room, where everyone can taste dishes of national cuisine prepared from the freshest products.

Yurt glamping «Royal Gate Yurt»

Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul region, Tosor

Yurt glamping «Royal Gate Yurt»

Royal Gate Yurt is a unique place located on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul. On the south coast, near the canyon "Fairy Tale".

Here you can feel the atmosphere of real Kyrgyz life, live in yurts, taste national dishes and enjoy the beauties of nature.

The town consists of several yurts located near the canyon "Fairy Tale". Each yurt is decorated with national patterns and decorated in the style of Kyrgyz culture. And also in our project we have added a touch of innovation and modern style.

The yurt town on Issyk-Kul is a unique place where you can spend time, get acquainted with the culture and history of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Glamping «Karkyra Glamping»

Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul region, Karkyra

Glamping «Karkyra Glamping»

Glamping Karkyr is located in the unique beauty of the Karkyr valley, Issyk-Kul region at an altitude of 2200 m, 470 km from Bishkek.

A real «yurt hotel» or a yurt glamping of 15 yurts is at your service. Each yurt has a separate shower and toilet.

For those who need to stay in touch, paid Wi-Fi is provided in the camp, as well as mobile communication and Internet from Beeline operator.

Meals are served in the dining room according to the buffet system, where everyone can choose a dish to their taste.

And of course, for all tourists on the territory of the camp there is a cozy recreation area on the river bank, where a bonfire is lit in the evenings.

Ideal for lovers of mountain romance – just you, guitar songs and stars that you can almost touch with your hand.

Yurt Camp «Ak-Sai Travel»

Kyrgyzstan, Naryn region, Son-Kul

Yurt Camp «Ak-Sai Travel»

Yurt camp «Ak-Sai Travel» offers up to 40 yurts for accommodation (up to 2 people per yurt).

Each yurt is decorated in national style, equipped with electricity, two wooden beds, and 2 cots if necessary. The floor is covered with a smooth wooden covering, which makes it possible to walk barefoot or in felt slippers (also provided in the yurt for residents). Each yurt has a stove for heating the yurt. The yurt is heated 2 times a day (in the evening and in the morning).