The option of cooperation is «Standard»

"As A Nomad" provides its standards for the construction of glamping, recommendations regarding the location and engineering support, brandbook and info materials, service standards (primary training of personnel in the field), and you fully manage glamping: from recruitment and training of personnel to marketing and promotion.

Option of cooperation - «Maintainer»

In addition to providing standards and recommendations, "As A Nomad", if additional support, consultations, training, participation in exhibitions and presence on platforms are required, offers support from the Franchisee Support Department (OPF).

The option of cooperation is «Turnkey»

The "As A Nomad" team builds glamping for you according to franchise standards and fully control its activities - recruitment, marketing, sales, etc.

Option of cooperation - «Individual project»

We are always open to dialogue and ready to discuss an individual scheme of cooperation that is right for you.

Advantages of opening glamping

Advantages of opening glamping

Opening a glamping for 12 yurts is 10 times cheaper than building the same hotel.

About the company

«As a Nomad» is a franchise project that helps to solve a new task, establish operational processes and ensure the successful operation of yurt camps of increased comfort located in the most picturesque places of the Kyrgyz Republic.

All glampings operate under a single brand, a single management and with a single standard of service. 

Become a partner of the franchise project «AS A NOMAD».

Advantages of the project

  • Fast payback (in 2-3 years).
  • No need for large investments (relatively inexpensive construction)
  • Optimal use. No need to worry about the low season (you can preserve the camp for the winter)
  • Environmental friendliness. Complies with the basic principles of sustainable tourism
  • Comfortable yurts with a touch of authenticity. The guest receives comfortable accommodation and good service, while learning the authentic flavor.

As a Nomad offers several cooperation models for those wishing to purchase a franchise.

The exact cost and terms of cooperation are negotiated separately for each project.

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